• Localization made for the
    Middle East and Asia
  • Creating seamless published content
    across formats and platforms
  • Transcribing, time coding, and subtitling content
    in over 25 Languages
  • Adjust your user experience across languages and cultures with our
    Testing and Localization Engineering Services
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What We Do

Translation and Review

Having offices in Africa and Asia we have access to a wide network of qualified linguists across many fields of expertise, allowing us to provide excellent quality at affordable costs

Desktop Publishing

Using start of the art tools we are capable of handling even the most complicated DTP tasks your organization may need.


In addition to our wide network of bilingual linguists, we have access to an even wider range of monolingual transcribers capable of covering all your transcription and subtitling needs.

Voice Over

With experienced voice talent capable of providing professional audio renditions in multiple formats, your voice over needs are covered at Loc-Pros

Testing and Engineering

Our testing solutions ensure your software, websites, and multimedia will perform consistently across languages, operating systems, browsers, channels, and devices.

E-learning Localization

Our in-house instructional designers in addition to our linguistic and typesetting capabilities make us uniquely positioned to handle E-learning Localization tasks.


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